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Opera Gallery Dubai, in collaboration with Le Cirque, meticulously selected artworks for the restaurant. Four artists were chosen, each adding to the ambiance of the restaurant in their own rights. Lita Cabellut is one of the most prolific contemporary Spanish artist. Her unique portraits are featured in private collections and museums all over the world. Given the unique identity of Le Cirque's winter garden, the "Verrière", we thought that tying Lita’s flower series would make sense, bringing some outdoor elements that space. They all contribute to repeating visual queues for the guests, clearly creating a recurring theme throughout the venue. The curation includes selected pieces from the critically acclaimed “After the show” series, for which Lita painted a variety of clowns and other circus performers. The artworks of Milanese artist Umberto Mariani are a subtle homage to Sirio’s Italian heritage. Colors for each artwork were selected to match and compliment Le Cirque’s vibrant hues of red, contrasting gently with the softer tones of grey inherent to the decor. Closer to the bar, guests can spot several pieces from David Gerstein. Colorful and quirky pieces were hand-picked, matching the ambiance of the bar and reflecting on the good times guests enjoy while having drinks. For the bar section, we also added 3 pieces by Jeff Koons. Again, trying to tie in with the origins of Le Cirque, we thought it would be a clever way to pay tribute to New York, where Le Cirque first opened its door. The choice of the artwork was also very important, because they feature balloon dogs (one of the most iconic subject in the artist’s body of work) elegantly set on a plate, keeping with the theme of dining. Additionally, the sculptures were made by Bernardaud, the world’s leading high-end porcelain manufacturer, who has over 4 generations provided fine tableware for iconic restaurants around the world.

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Dress Code: Smart casual, no sports attire. 

“Isn’t life a series of images that change as they repeat themselves” – Andy Warhol – Diner at Le Cirque

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